Stay ahead of the B2G market using data intelligence

Deep market analysis and insights

We make sense of public sector data.


The public sector is huge: 53% of EU's GDP.

Public tendering is 14% of GDP.

Hermix is the first strategic marketing tool for the Public Sector

2.1 mil.

tender notices analysed

4.5 mil.

contracts awarded

314 k

suppliers analysed

2 trillion €

EU market size

Market analysis

Who buys & sells, what, when, where, how.

Detailed analysis of the public sector market.

Market segmentation.

Actionable data: competition, gaps. 
Drill-down & drill-up


Notifications for opportunities.

Track changes in the market ecosystem.

Monitor trends

Qualify opps

Understand the opportunity.

Analyze the competition and potential partners.


Hermix app

What you get?

  • First segmentation tool for the Business-to-Government market
  • Deep data analysis and market insights
  • Drill-up and drill-down on various dimensions
  • Access to public contracts to newcomers – reduced investment for  understanding the market
  • Understand the buyers and their history
  • Identify market players, competition, potential partners
  • Customizable notifications: new contracts, tenders, contract awards, keywords (coming soon)
  • Monitor changes in projects, accounts, suppliers (coming soon)
  • Deep tender qualification
  • Contact us for features, support, demo.
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