Stay ahead of the B2G market using data intelligence

Deep market analysis and insights

We make sense of public sector data.


The public sector market is huge, distinct, relevant.

Public sector is 53% of the EU's GDP.

Public tendering is 14% of GDP.

Hermix is the first market analytics platform for the Public Sector

2.6 mil.

tender notices analysed

5.9 mil.

contracts awarded

703 k

suppliers analysed

2 trillion €

EU market size

Market analysis



Prediction, gaps, trends


Positioning, targeting


Actionable insights



Deep opportunity analysis


Understand needs, solutions, suppliers, partnership affinities


Drill-down & drill-up



Smart market-watch


Monitoring opportunities


Daily emails

Authorities, contractors, budgets, competition

Who buys & sells, what, when, where, how much

Hermix app

What you get?

  • First segmentation tool for the Business-to-Government market
  • Deep data analysis and market insights
  • Drill-up and drill-down on various dimensions
  • Access to public contracts to newcomers – reduced investment for  understanding the market
  • Understand the buyers and their history
  • Identify market players, competition, potential partners
  • Customizable notifications: new contracts, tenders, contract awards, keywords (coming soon)
  • Monitor changes in projects, accounts, suppliers (coming soon)
  • Deep tender qualification
  • Contact us for features, support, demo.
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Hermix wins the EU Datathon organized by the Publications Office - European Commission

Hermix wins the EU Datathon 2022, being recognized as the best application for public procurement for young Europeans, in the competition organized by the Publications Office of the EU - European Commission.

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Hermix is awarded the Impact Star award in the Deloitte Fast 50 CE Report 2022

The Deloitte Technology CE Fast 50 is a programme that recognizes fast-growing technology companies.

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