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Hermes was the God of Commerce of the ancient world.

Hermix is the God of B2G marketing and sales. Hermix answers the question: which is the recipe to repeatable success in the public sector market / B2G Business-to-Government?

The B2C and B2B markets (Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business) use huge amounts of data and advanced analytics for understanding market needs, for targeting and profiling customers. For B2C, there are hundreds of IT applications, databases, university courses and trainings, books, studies, and tools.

Before Hermix, the public sector market was virgin territory : no previous research, no existing databases or tools. Hermix is built on solid state-of-the-art scientific and theoretical foundations: Everything looks seamless to you, on your comprehensible, actionable dashboards. But, behind the scenes, this is how it’s done:

We analyzed the state-of-the-art marketing science theory, and the best practices in strategic and tactical marketing.

We researched the current public procurement best practices, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by B2G market players.

We adapted the state-of-the-art marketing theory and practice to the new B2G market.

This implied making assumptions, taking design decisions, proposing tools, and validating them in a laboratory, as well as in an industrial, real-life setting.

The new concepts and tools are now validated in practice, with industry data, on real project cases.

Hermix is based on:

A scientific approach to B2G marketing

State-of-the-art marketing science and strategic marketing

Big-data science, and huge amounts of data, which was curated, checked, analyzed, presented using modern AI/NLP tools

The key theoretical concepts of Hermix are:

Demographics segmentation


Behavioral & psychographics market analysis

The key marketing tools proposed by Hermix, specifically for the B2G market, are:

Firmographics (a.k.a. emporographics, or firm demographics), i.e. the analysis and segmentation of organizations, beneficiaries, suppliers, competition, potential partners.

Governmentgraphis: the analysis and segmentation of public institutions, contracting authorities, financers, actors in the public sector (B2G, B2PA, B2PS).

Our story.

Hermix was created by IT people with 40 years’ total experience in public procurement.
We know the market, we understand its needs.


20 years experience in marketing, sales and management of large IT contracts for the public sector, and especially for the European Commission.
He created and managed several successful IT companies. Stefan is an IT engineer, with an MBA from Tiffin University Ohio, and a PhD from KU Leuven University Belgium.


Software architect experienced in product development. Well versed in data science, ML, NLP, big data analytics and automated content processing, he enjoys building products, optimizing processes and creating value through software craftsmanship, simple concepts and a personal touch.


Certified project manager, financial background, 20+ years’ experience in IT management and significant expertise in EU-funded projects.


Software developer.


Software developer, PhD candidate.


Software developer.

They worked together on various projects, they have similar interests and are both passionate about IT, software engineering, technology, AI, innovation.


So we took all this experience, theory, and a mountain of data; and we started to innovate and organize the B2G market.

A different story.

Alstoria Global Tech SRL is an IT consultancy created in 2018.

Alstoria helped a portfolio of customers to enter new markets, acquire significant new projects, write and manage research grants with European funding, and participate in a variety of EU programs.

We have a solid track record of opening new markets and creating new products and business lines. 

Our expertise.

  • IT consultancy, digital transformation
  • Product development, deep technology research, innovation, entrepreneurship
  • Artificial Intelligence, ML, NLP, Deep-learning, automation
  • European funds, public procurement, EU institutions
  • Management, strategy, governance, marketing, sales, business development, process and system design
  • eLearning, education, knowledge management, collaboration
  • eGovernment, capacity building.

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